10 February 2024 | 09:30 am - 02:00 pm | Pune
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Agile Testing Alliance is proud to bring #ATAPuneMeetup26

We are hosting our 26th Meetup in Pune on 10 February 2024 (Saturday).  There is a 499/- registration cost which includes lunch. Let us learn, meet, network, eat, dance and play. (Fun unlimited)

Over the last decade, Agile Testing Alliance (ATA) has blossomed into a thriving community of testers spanning 24 countries. Our growth story isn’t just about numbers; it’s about creating a community of more than 20,000 testing professionals across the globe. What truly makes ATA special is our passion for shared learning. We believe in creating spaces where every voice can be heard. From our regular meetups to Asia’s Largest Testing Conference, the Global Testing Retreat #ATAGTR2023, we’re constantly breaking barriers and setting new trends. Whether you’re a budding technologist, a seasoned professional, or just curious about the world of Agile and DevOps, ATA has something to spark your curiosity. Join us and be part of a journey that not only educates but inspires, challenges, and transforms. Your next big opportunity could be just a meetup away!

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Venue, Date, and Time:

Date: 10th Feb 2024 
Time: 9:30 AM onwards
Venue: Modi Square, Sai Chowk Rd, Laxman Nagar, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra, 411045 
Location Map: https://g.co/kgs/AGhT4Dy


The 26th Meetup is brought to you by ATA (Agile Testing Alliance in a new fun filled format. The 26th Meetup theme is “Meet Network Learn Eat Dance Play”

We have been hosting #ATAGTR2023 (Asia’s largest global Testing conference) in a retreat format. This year we are experimenting with a little more than learning and networking angle to our meetup – we are adding a dash of fun and frolic.

Do not miss to have tons of fun dancing, playing and eating too.

There are limited seats for this meetup, please hurry and register your spot now.

Session Details:

Welcome Session by Aditya Garg

Aditya is an Agile and DevOps coach and loves taking test automation and DevOps solutioning work. He is a ServiceNow enthusiast and loves everything about the tool. Aditya did his Master of Business administration from UMASS Lowell and has a passion for community work. He keeps on taking training/coaching session for agile testing alliance community. He also loves curating and running conferences and meetups

Aditya Garg

CEO AvanteNow, Steering Committee Member at Agile Testing Alliance

Toni Ramchandani

VP - Tech Delivery Head

Toni Ramchandani is VP Tech Delivery head at MSCI Inc. He is a technocrat with over 13+ years of experience, a versatile asset to any organization. Tony's expertise spans across automation testing for web, API, mobile, desktop, data, and RPA. He has consistently led teams to deliver high-quality software products, and skills in cloud, security testing, performance testing, and DevOps makes an invaluable contributor to a wide range of projects.

Session 1 : Future of xpath generation using AI

AI can streamline the creation of XPath expressions for test automation by learning from patterns in web page structures, increasing efficiency, and reducing manual effort. However, human oversight remains crucial to validate the accuracy of AI-generated XPaths. Combining AI with manual validation and other techniques ensures robust and reliable test automation.

Session 2 : Non conventional testing and it's Automation

Take a fascinating journey into the world of non-conventional testing with Chaitanya Deshpande. He’ll be talking about unique ways to check software quality, find hidden problems, and make user experiences better. This isn’t just about theories – Chaitanya will show talk about real examples, like testing TV and OTT apps, retail Point of Sale systems, and even gas stations. The session will highlight how these special testing methods can totally change different industries, using real stories. It’s not just about learning methods; it’s about seeing how technology testing is evolving. Come join us for an interesting time where you’ll not just hear about ideas, but get practical knowledge to handle the ups and downs in the ever-changing digital world. It’s like a roadmap for staying ahead in the tech game!

Chaitanya Deshpande

Test Architect

Chaitanya Deshpande brings 14 years of solid experience to the realm of Quality Engineering and Assurance (QE&A), with a concentrated expertise in QAOps, UI, API, desktop and mobile test automation. As a solution architect, Chaitanya's blend of technical acumen and strategic insight has consistently ensured
the successful development and deployment of robust QA solutions. Recognized as a non-conventional testing & QA Ops authority.

Bhargavi Dingankar

Lead Product Manager

I am Bhargavi Dingankar from Pune working as Lead product manager with a reputed company. I have total 18+ years of experience in various domains and performing various roles. I am an experienced product manager with a proven track record of delivering successful software products. Skilled in defining product strategy, leading cross-functional teams, and ensuring alignment with business objectives. Passionate about user-centric design and adept at driving product innovation from ideation to market launch. Strong analytical and communication skills to bridge technical and business perspectives.I am a problem solver with good analytical skills and have been involved in all the stages of product management right from idea till actuation. I am a person with great drive for innovation and always ready to learn new things.

Session 3 : Enhancing Quality Excellence: Establishing harmony between Product Manager and Testers

Enhancing Quality Excellence: Establishing harmony between Product Managers and Testers
In the dynamic realm of Agile development, the synergy between product managers and testers plays a pivotal role in steering the ship towards successful product delivery.
This collaboration, marked by constant communication and shared responsibilities, serves as the backbone for achieving not only speed but also quality in the development process.
Product managers define the vision and priorities, while testers ensure the quality of the delivered features. Regular communication and collaboration are keys.
This collaboration can be achieved by below means:

  • Shared Vision and Understanding
  • Continuous Communication
  • Sprint Planning Harmony
  • Agile Rituals
  • Collaborative Design and Reviews
  • Joint Ownership of Quality

Session 4 : Efficient Automation Framework Design: Streamlining Maintenance for Long-Term Success

Are you burdened by test maintenance? Do you find yourself repeatedly troubleshooting automation script failures?
Join us as we delve into optimizing test maintenance and overcoming automation script challenges. During this session, Jyoti Shah will present on the topic of test automation frameworks, including an exploration of their definition and common design approaches. Additionally, the presentation will delve into the challenges associated with test automation framework design, illustrated through case studies to emphasize the significance of a centralized testing framework. Furthermore, Jyoti will provide a detailed overview of automation coding guidelines.

Jyoti Shah

Project Lead

A seasoned professional with 12+ years of experience in Testing, Automation, designing Frameworks, Agile practitioner.  Skillset - Java, Selenium, RestAssured, Karate, Postman, Cucumber, TestNG, JUnit, Maven, Protractor, Typescript, Robot Framework, Docker, Jenkins, Team City, Spring boot (acquiring), JSON, HTML, Marklogic DWH, Git, Github, Bitbucket, Jira, Source tree, BDD, TDD, Automation Frameworks, Saucelabs, Browser Stack, Leadership, Resource Management

Fire Side Chat : Generative AI and Software Testing Use Cases - Dhiren Shah and Aditya Garg

Dhiren Shah

Sr. Product Engineering Manager

Dhiren is a Product Development Manager & Agile-DevOps Practitioner. He’s very passionate about engineering, technology, people, and enterprise culture; uses them to transform businesses. He enjoys educating organizations about values, principles, and practices that make them awesome places to be.

Aditya Garg

CEO AvanteNow, Steering Committee Member at Agile Testing Alliance

Aditya is an Agile and DevOps coach and loves taking test automation and DevOps solutioning work. He is a ServiceNow enthusiast and loves everything about the tool. Aditya did his Master of Business administration from UMASS Lowell and has a passion for community work. He keeps on taking training/coaching session for agile testing alliance community. He also loves curating and running conferences and meetups

About ATA Meetups

Meetups are vibrant gatherings that foster connection and collaboration. They are where professionals and enthusiasts unite to share ideas and learn from one another. In today’s digital world, in-person meetups take on special significance, offering a human touch that sparks innovation and builds lasting relationships. They’re not just events; they’re thriving communities that encourage active participation and personal growth. ATA Meetups aim to create self-evolving communities where testers flourish. The main objectives are to learn, collaborate and network.

So why attend a meetup? It’s a chance to engage, explore, and evolve. From hands-on learning to insightful discussions, meetups provide a platform for everyone. Whether you’re looking to ignite creativity or simply connect with like-minded individuals, attending a meetup is a step towards a fulfilling personal and professional journey.

Why You Should Attend:

This meetup is your opportunity to learn from industry leaders, collaborate with one of the largest testing community, and expand your knowledge of testing practices, while having loads of fun.

Whether you want to host competitions, participate in challenges, or even speak at future events, this meetup offers endless opportunities.

Plus, you’ll be part of an incredible legacy of meetups that have been shaping the local chapter for the last 10 years.


There is a registration fee of 499/ (+ taxes). This is non-refundable, but transferrable ticket. You can transfer your ticket to someone else. Since we are having limited seats and we are booking lunch with the tickets, we would not be able to refund any money back. IF you are not able to attend it, please feel free to let your friend attend it on your behalf.