This was 26th ATA Meetup in Pune. Thank you for being a part of #ATAPunemeetup26

Agile Testing Alliance was proud to bring #ATAPuneMeetup26.

We hosted our 26th Meetup in Pune on 10 February 2024 (Saturday).We learned, met, networked, ate, danced, and played. It was unlimited fun!

Here is the recap of the meetup

It started with a session from Toni Ramchandani on using AI for Xpath generation, followed by a session from Chaitanya Deshpande on Exploring the Future: Non-Conventional Testing and Automation.

Post tea break Bhargavi Dingaankar talked about Enhancing Quality Excellence: Establishing harmony between Product Manager and Testers and then Jyoti Shah covered in detail a very important session on Efficient Automation Framework Design: Streamlining Maintenance for Long-Term Success

 Had a very interesting fireside discussion between Aditya and  Dharnendra (Dhiren) Shah and then the best part was the fun element in form of bollywood dance. 

26th meetup brought in “Meet Network Learn Eat Dance Play” theme and it lived up to the expectations.

Photo collage from the event is as below. To the FB Album